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Friday, November 29, 2002

how did you sleep?
with your front against her back to keep you warm?
fingers tangle gently in your hair, tickle your skin
did you hold her tight till the morning light?
did you open your eyes and find her gone?
just a pillow that you were holding on to?
did you close your eyes and dream her back
till everything felt real again?
did you smile and tingle inside because,
for once
something felt right
did you breathe in deep, savouring her scent
remembering each curve, each freckle
did you lick your lips to taste her again?
pull her closer, not to lose her again?
or is that just me

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

there's a pixie who lives in my chest
who pulls at my ribs when i take a breath
and in my belly, something rolls and jabs
and pokes and on and on it goes
behind my eyes, fingers try to pull them from
their place
and small black creatures dart around
the corners of my face
there's something over there
small and fast, it doesnt care
that when i try to catch it
it dissappears into thin air
and the voices who whisper
quick and quiet
but loud enough to understand
pull me in and try to keep me
what is crawling in my legs?
hot and stingy, i should scratch them out
sometimes i wish my hands were stronger
sometimes i think i could let go

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