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Friday, December 13, 2002

so there it is
all laid out on the table like im just supposed to take it
reaching out with that put down voice only i can hear
its enough, you had your turn, its time to pass it on
leave it and just turn around
will you ever learn?

none of this is meant for you
it was all just a game
except you're not very good at playing
at least thats one thing that'll stay the same

so i hand it over and i take my things
i promise i wont look back
my feet do all the walking forward
my mind is losing track

was it your voice i heard when the wind blew quietly along the street that night?
was it your hand i felt tickling my ankles and hushing me goodnight?
i could have sworn i saw your face in a pile of fallen leaves
smelled your scent in a coffee cup
and tasted you in the afternoons musty air
i looked for you but all i ever saw was your goodbyes
and next time, this i promise you, i wont even dare to try

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

say it loud and say it till it's ringing in your ears
say it till it boosts your hopes and drowns out all your fears
i am me and that's all i'll ever need myself to be
if you can't take it, i suggest you look the other way

look right through me and you see me as you see all the rest
now look at me, really see me, see how i can shine
i'm here, i'm ready, with my helpers me, myself and mine

i'm not the little woman, i'm not the better half
i'm not just your old lady and i'm not saying thins for laughs
did you know i had a name? i've had it all my life
long before i dissappeared and became someones wife

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