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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

the hallway light is always on to keep us safe. watch the triangles of yellow light above my doorway, streaming along my carpet.
canwe turn the light of now? you arent a baby anymore
sleeping. all wrapped up. jeans. knickers. belt done up tight. t shirt tucked in.
i wont have to get dressed tomorrow
(so i wont have to be undressed tonight)
there's half a broomstick by the side of my bed and a book full of lies underneath it.
he was dribbling on me
you loved it
but you dont understand, he was dribbling on me
something like that
the door creaks, clacks against itself as it folds to the side
the hallway light is on, why doesnt it work?
legs tighter. eyes closed. i'm away now. it's home time. off i go. see you in the morning

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