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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

you said you were never mine to lose
i said i was always yours to choose
but i promise
i promise

and you said there were no sparkles there
and i wished you to make them appear
you couldnt promise
couldnt promise anything

you're so pretty
promise me
you're so pretty
promise me

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

you're my favourite band
i could have listened all night
you're my favourite band
but the tingles down my spine came from the boy
on my right

i dont want to live with
a pocket of what ifs
im grabbing out at all the straws
trying to hold on to anything

did you know i've known you
for only 24 days
i wish the way it started
was the way it stayed

on fools friday
you bumped right into me
and when i moved away we were
pulled back magnetically

what we could be
you have made your choice
what we could be
you want me in your life
forever after...
forever after?

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i have no home
no where to go to
i have no place to go
i really wish i had some keys
a set that just belonged to me

i wish i had a place to go
somebody to come back home to
fall asleep with on his chest
in our home

and you would play
songs on your guitar
and we would keep
sugar, tea, coffee in jars
in the kitchen
in our home
in our home
in our home

we've done all the redecorating
we've started an account for savings
everthing is in both of our names
we dont ever want to go our seperate ways

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