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Friday, May 20, 2005

never seen the world
can't write of things i've never seen
sidewalks seem so different
from the paths that my feet take

sleeves of hearts
cardigan with loose threads
button me up tight

might as well be speaking different languages
coudlt understand a thing you said
i'd heard it all before

don't you see?
it's always the same
i've seen it all before
the end before the beginning starts

fold the corner
mark the page

i'll get back to you at some stage

POSTED BY littlefaeriegirl Friday, May 20, 2005  |  
three works in progress

sounding too much like a motivational greeting card
the end is just the beginning of something new
but all along the way i kept noticing little things that made me think of you
even though i started out to write a song
obliquely and anonymously
you'll search between the words and find
the ones to which you belong

separated by the city
some phone lines and technology
your words can reach deep inside
we managed to create a meeting place
a little place where we can hide
in the blue room we can hide
secrets told and questions answered
meet me in the blue room later

nothing tangible
its all data
are letters lost forever after?
this winter is mild
but its cold inside my bed
quiet on the outside
inside i go wild
when i close my eyes i see you
when i open them none of it is true

POSTED BY littlefaeriegirl Friday, May 20, 2005  |  



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